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Community Involvement
Woodside Cemetery and Arboretum is proud to work with a number of community agencies.





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We are a non-profit organization established in 1891. Ten percent of all sales is set aside in a permanent trust to guarantee perpetual care of the cemetery with an additional ten percent channeled into a capital improvements fund.

Beautiful, quality land is available for at least 100 more years of burial service for area residents. Our beautiful Memorial Chapel is available for service or quiet prayer. Our full time professional staff guarantee excellent maintenance and modern care of the property. Woodside also has innovative cremation options available throughout the grounds.

Decoration Policy for Cemetery Grounds

Keeping Woodside Cemetery & Arboretum beautiful and serene depends upon all visitors to follow a few guidelines. First and foremost is to be respectful and considerate of the memory of those interred. The requirements for flowers and memorial markers listed here have been established for the benefit of our lot owners and visitors and for the high maintenance standards that our families have grown to expect through the years.

  • Trinkets such as: toys, shells, ornaments, bottles, vases, glass, wood or iron cases, plastic blocks, styrofoam, tin cans, wire, crockery, and knick-knacks of any description are not permitted in the grass or on the concrete borders of headstones. The concrete border is used to create a buffer zone for string trimmers and mowers to get as close as possible to trim. Floral decorations placed on this border jeopardize its intention and create a hazard; they will be discarded.
  • The use of pieces of wire, iron or steel to secure decorations in place is prohibited. Power mowers hitting easily broken objects, wires, etc., sometimes throw sharp pieces through the air for 100 feet or more, endangering workmen and visitors alike.
  • Home-made memorials are not permitted - all memorials must be granite or bronze.
  • The use of brick, tile, stone, marble, terra cotta, sand, cemetery or gravel in or around any grave space is prohibited. All graves must be marked by granite headstones, all other materials are prohibited.
  • Woodside reserves the right, without notice, to remove and dispose of any decorations which violates the rules or otherwise interferes with the appearance or the safe efficient grounds operations of the Cemetery.